Friendly Betrayal _ Backstory


Plus sized, insecure, recluse, Shanice’s greatest fear is being rejected by men, like she’s been rejected by her own father. Where as Maya’s rejection from her father has made her the exact opposite. Maya has turned her insecurity into being a conniving, professional athlete’s girlfriend and gold digger.

Maya’s self confidence comes through every man she wants, she gets. She has the body and goods to make grown men long for her, search after her and gladly support her. Maya is firmly in control, and Shanice vying for a man that she has her eyes set on will send Maya into survival mode. Maya doesn’t fear Shanice, because Maya feels she’s no competition. What’s at stake for Maya, Shanice believing in herself and building self esteem and them actually being on the same playing field.

Losing to Shanice equals losing power over all men and losing control will make men no longer desire her. What’s at stake for Shanice is a lonely life without knowing the love of a man and being Maya’s servant. While looking at Maya’s life from the sideline, Shanice hopes to emulate even half of the confidence that Maya cavalierly flaunts.


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