Filmmaker Bootcamp


Basically we’ll write, act, shoot, edit and stream online. The goal is to build a body of work, create industry partnerships, gain experience and get discovered together.

Sometimes the hardest thing about venturing into a new Endeavor is going at it alone. I’ve started a Film-making Saturday program to create opportunities that will allow underrepresented and inexperienced filmmakers, writers, directors & actors to develop projects for online streaming. I will organize regular meetings where we can write, produce & gain experience together.

Continually meeting and creating new material will give us a chance to build a community of aspiring filmmakers, writers, actors & collaborate to produce a 10 – 20 minute screenplay shorts to be broadcast online on a monthly basis.   Everyone will have the opportunity to direct, act and produce.

Seeking wannabe writers, directors, actors and crew members to produce online videos (“webisodes”) to showcase our talent and acquire new business relationships and production opportunities.  

Objective:         *Create a continuous system of acquiring, writing, fundraising, promoting & exhibiting throughout the year, and to thrive while producing on a zero dollar budget.


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