Month: January 2017

Story Leads


Let’s Write!

Join us and put your screenwriting skills to the test. Practice makes perfect. Take this idea and let your imagination fly.

Check regularly for story prompts. These story ideas are for those who want to strengthen their writing experience and gain motivation to write a screenplay on their own.

These writing exercises will help you adopt writing habits that will get your creative juices flowing.

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Screenwriting Lesson


Brilliant Twin Studios has created a series of online and hands-on screenwriting exercises to jump start any newbie screenwriter’s writing skills.  These exercises will explore every step in the writing process, from developing to mapping the screenplay.

Lessons will include planning the story, creating the characters, deciding who’s the protagonist and antagonist, identifying the supporting characters, telling their backstory, determining the story line, designing the plot, starting the story structure, listing the order of events and laying out the story scene by scene.

Join Our Screenwriter Club


In this group members will learn and exercise story plotting or mapping, to lay out all the elements to create a great screenplay. Plotting includes having a great premise, clear characters, an engaging world, and a solid outline. Plotting includes having a great premise, clear characters, an engaging world, and a solid outline. This group can meet individually with a mentor or work with peers to develop your ideas into a great screenplay.

The ultimate goal, at the end of the workshop is to be able to take your story points and then write your first draft. Then members will go over writing a beat sheet that will introduce the characters, lock down a theme and list significant events that go on in their lives that will make an appealing story. At the end of the workshop, you will have created a killer opening scene and have detailed a clear roadmap to be used to write an engaging screenplay.

Co-screenwriter services


For those new to screenwriting, those who are experiencing writer’s block or seeking a writing partner, Brilliant Twin Studios is offering Co-screenwriter services.

We offer services for those with an idea who are seeking someone to collaborate on their script or idea.  This is an excellent networking opportunity, to not only meet like minded people, but to generate support in promoting the finished screenplay. This will also increase your chances of finding financing for production.

Brilliant Twin Studios will facilitate the collaborating of writers on the agreed upon screenplay, offer screenplay reading, development notes, formatting assistance & rewriting services of the final draft, if requested. Our goal is to be your one stop screenwriting resource. Whatever you need, we are here for you.

Screenplay Marketing and Promotion


Being able to create a buzz for your finished screenplay is critical in beginning the fundraising process. Being firstly able to engage your audience, would be a great first step in engaging a producer, agent or film buyer.

Building a buzz is creating potential movie goers once the film is completed. This would certainly get Hollywood’s attention and show that you’re a screenwriter that can write, bring your own audience and most assuredly be an asset to any film company. Creating a buzz for screenplay puts you at the head the pack the many other aspiring scriptwriters out there.

New Screenwriter Showcase event

Brilliant Twin Studios has launched its New Screenwriter Showcase event. Each month we will present a screenwriter looking to gain exposure for their screenplay.  Screenwriters will have a staged reading of the best scene in their screenplay, discuss their plan for bringing their screenplay to market and display merchandise, fundraiser campaigns, solicit a producer, actors and/or crew members and build their support network.
The main goal is to present a platform where screenwriters can get
Screenwriters submit your screenplay.
Actors submit your demo reel.
Send us an email for more information.

Filmmaker Bootcamp


Basically we’ll write, act, shoot, edit and stream online. The goal is to build a body of work, create industry partnerships, gain experience and get discovered together.

Sometimes the hardest thing about venturing into a new Endeavor is going at it alone. I’ve started a Film-making Saturday program to create opportunities that will allow underrepresented and inexperienced filmmakers, writers, directors & actors to develop projects for online streaming. I will organize regular meetings where we can write, produce & gain experience together.

Continually meeting and creating new material will give us a chance to build a community of aspiring filmmakers, writers, actors & collaborate to produce a 10 – 20 minute screenplay shorts to be broadcast online on a monthly basis.   Everyone will have the opportunity to direct, act and produce.

Seeking wannabe writers, directors, actors and crew members to produce online videos (“webisodes”) to showcase our talent and acquire new business relationships and production opportunities.  

Objective:         *Create a continuous system of acquiring, writing, fundraising, promoting & exhibiting throughout the year, and to thrive while producing on a zero dollar budget.