Month: December 2016

Join Our Online Screenwriting Group

Brilliant Twin Studios has created a series of online and hands-on screenwriting exercises to jump start any newbie screenwriter’s writing skills.  These exercises will explore every step in the writing process, from developing to mapping the screenplay.

Lessons will include planning the story, creating the characters, deciding who’s the protagonist and antagonist, identifying the supporting characters, telling their backstory, determining the story line, designing the plot, starting the story structure, listing the order of events and laying out the story scene by scene.

Create A Scene Contest


Screenplay Guidelines:

We are looking for short screenplays.

The script must not be more than 35 pages.

The script must have no more than two locations.

The script mustn’t have any DIALOGUE.

The script must have 1-3 characters.

The context can’t be lewd, profane, controversial offensive in any way.

The grand prize winner will be awarded $100 and have their script produced, filmed and showcased online.